The mechanical heart. Larisa Dragna for Groupe Renault Romania

Larisa Dragna is the first artist to join the “The plant inspires passion” campaign by Groupe Renault Romania.

The designer created a special fashion item inspired by the Mioveni Vehicle Plant and Sasiuri Dacia. After visiting and understanding a part of the manufacturing processes of the engines produced in this plant, Larisa imagined a T-shirt with a heart-shaped engine, remembering the Energy TCe 90 engine.

“I accepted this challenge because, as I am originally from Pitesti, where I also graduated from the Art High School, I knew about the existence of the industrial platform in Mioveni, a source of fascination for me as an artist. I always wanted to see and understand that universe. I admit, I do not understand the engines and other mechanical organs, but for me the experience of visiting the plant was all about dynamic graphics with modulated lines and shaken vibrations. Through this project, I have attempted to propose a special artistic vision, with the whole universe incorporated in the sketch of an engine, a symbol of perfection, both human and mechanical ,” declares Larisa.

The audience invited to the event, journalists and life style and fashion bloggers, were introduced to the fascinating world of Mioveni Vehicle Plant with a special video and then invited to participate in an inspiring workshop led by Larisa Dragna and the V for Vintage team. Those present had at their disposal t-shirts that they could draw and paint, inspired by the industrial universe around the Mechanical Plant and Sasiuri Dacia.