Optimism is the perfect outfit

Larisa Dragna launches the new spring-summer collection to bring optimism in our homes. She works with the same structured assets, with the classic grey and black, except that now she brings some light in with a special green and fuchsia nuance.

From dresses to shirts, from top to bottom, the idea is to showcase the beauty of the woman. A simple make-up, some flats or high heels. There’s nothing more you would need to feel confident wearing Larisa Dragna’s creations.

Above all, she brings some surprise elements in her clothes, a feminine line in geometric shapes, soft fabrics shaped into versatile clothing, waist strings drawing the body in a very balanced shaped silhouette.

Talking about wasp waist, she brings that in with some multi-functional vests worn over the plain structured dresses. And for those who would add a romance touch and search for even more feminine outfits, the designer brings in some cloche shirts, some special skirts. Everything about this collection is magic.