Autumn-Winter Collection 2016

Every fashionista knows that autumn means not only the end of summer holidays, or that tricky time of year where the weather is at its most unpredictable, but it celebrates the new collections and the time for special outfits to be worn and loved. As designed by Larisa Dragnea, the AW 2016 collection combines the masculine style inspired items with embroidery revealing strong female and romantic accents. The clothes dress the silhouette giving it a natural elongation, suppleness and grace.

'The Autumn-Winter 2016 collection started from the concept of the triangle, a repetitive element, a symbol of geometric perfection, which is found both in the cut line and as a decorative element. This time is was created with the help of a modern technique, the laser cuts, becoming a delicate, geometric embroidery,' declares the designer.

The collection’s clothes lines are minimalist and easy to wear, while the color palette is formed mainly by non-colors, white, black, gray with red accents.