Reduce. Reuse. Stop the abuse!

Reduse. Reuse. Stop the abuse collection defines Larisa Dragna’s belief of the role played by the clothes in nowadays society and the way we think and invest in the fashion items.

Faithful to the quality of the clothes she delivers and tired of massive demand, the designer managed to create a collection of cool, wearable, but timely pieces. This is why the central element of this collection is the chameleonic white shirt which can be integrated into all types of outfits and in any context.

“The clothes in this collection are ready-to-wear, affordable and can be transformed according to how you customize them and the accessories that complement them. A classic shirt that you wear can be dressed differently depending on the moments of the day and the events you attend.”

Reduce, Reuse, Stop the Abuse is not only the latest Larisa Dragna’s collection, but a motto that incorporates the designer’s artistic and social creed. A manifesto collection that fights against consumerism and superficiality in all daily activities, but also in fashion. This is why the collection was not designed as a capsule, but as a long-term project with more products to follow this line and define the designer.