AW2018 Oxygen Backup collection

The first weekend of October is about celebrating novelty in Romanian fashion, so local designers gathered at the 8th edition of the Band of Creators Pop-up Shop to meet with fashion lovers. During the two days filled with events and workshops, visitors had the chance to see the latest collection from Romanian designers, find new and interesting outfits and get inspired by the fashion energy all around.

Fashion is not only about clothes, but it represents a form of art that gives the creator a chance to draw their perspective on the world and the wearer a feeling he belongs to something bigger. With these thoughts in mind, Larisa Dragna started to create her latest collection - AW2018 Oxygen Backup - that was launched during the Band of Creators Pop-up Shop (Romanian concept store) in October 2017, at Palais Ghica in Bucharest. It was a rainy, gloomy day, but the weather outside did not stop visitors to stop by, enjoy the fashion show and get inspired by Larisa’s new views on fashion.

Larisa explains the drive behind her latest creations: “In a toxic environment, where we are all visually and generally overwhelmed, I was looking for an escape source. We need a reset button, to find a fresh start, so you always need to have a backup of inspiration to make it through the day. The collection brings in simple lines, but with atypical cuts you can identify with, an inexhaustible inspiration to your wardrobe, easy to combine regardless the moment of the day.

To face the daily stress, we need new energy sources and that’s why the designer suggests using your own persona as an inspiration and energy source. Clothing should not be used as a mask, it has to fit your own personality - just like air - to be easy to wear and help identify yourself and value your qualities. Perfect clothing will help you reveal that side of yourself you have forgotten due to your busy way of living.

Enjoy AW2018 Oxygen collection, where you will definitely find something that will fit your personal style.