Atlanta Fashion Showcase

2017 was the year of social causes. CSR was the biggest trend for large and small companies, as people and brands understand now more and more the importance of social involvement. Making a change is not easy, but if more of us got involved in causes we believe in, we could make a difference in our communities.

In August we participated in the Atlanta Fashion Showcase, where we supported an important local cause – fighting minor sex trafficking. The City of Atlanta, along with sponsors, personalities and global brands got together for a creative showcase in the benefit of Street Grace, an important local non-profit organization, to eliminate the demand for domestic minor sex trafficking, both within the State of Georgia and around the world.

The main purpose of the showcase was to give fashion designers worldwide a unique experience with buyers, press & media, all in a luxury environment. We were honored to be showcased along with other important global brands, such as Storm Dorris, AVNAH Collection or Dior.

Our participation in the fashion show meant a lot to us. The clothes presented were carefully chosen to represent our brand for the international stage, easy to wear items, for strong and independent women. We focused on black, white and neutral colors, so the attention was on the special cuts and materials. The overall purpose of the collection was to make women feel creative, strong and ready to fight the world and we are glad the presentation was well-received by the audience.

We are thankful that we had the chance the participate in this great event. Until next time, remember that you can be the change you want to see in the world!